By Michael Cunningham

As a lot of you know Emily organises training sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These are normally in Phoenix park or in Irish town stadium but can be in other places. Sometimes people miss the thursday training session, when the weekend training is mentioned, and don’t know what sessions are on over the weekend and where and when to meet, and some people don’t even realise people train on weekends (imagine).

A while ago Lucy can up with the brilliant idea of sending web texts out to people about training sessions, upcoming races, drinking sessions etc. Web texts can be sent from mobile phone provider websites(O2, vodaphone) for free without any cost to the sender or receiver.

So if you are feeling guilty about lying in a nice warm bed saturday and sunday mornings and you would like to be included in the weekend training sessions webtext, sent out Fridays, then email your mobile number on. Normally the training sessions include going for coffee and breakfast afterward. If you are not comfortable about emailing me your mobile number you can send it to Lucy at (see Michael & Lucy at clubhouse) and she can webtext you.

So hope to see Saturday and Sunday mornings.