New Members

New members are the lifeblood of any sporting club, however due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are not in a position to accept new members at this time.

Please do not come to the club house as training sessions are strictly limited to 15 registered members. We will be sharing updates here and on our social channels when the situation changes and look forward to welcoming you then.

Member information

The committee would like to remind all club members of the following requirements for attending the training. Each time you plan to attend the training you must complete the short form below. Your AAI number is available on request by emailing the club.

These measures are in place for club members health and safety, along with that of other park users. Please, refrain from attending training if you didn't sign up or have any symptoms. Enjoy the run!

Weekly Email

Sign up to the weekly email sent every Friday morning with details of weekend training meeting points. Also contains club news and results.



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Training Paces


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