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Welcome to the information hub for Sportsworld Running Club. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources for new members. Always feel free to reach out to us as info@sportsworldrunningclub.com  or speak with any member of the club committee.

Additional Resources

Graded time of year

This time three years ago Packie Enright (the only person with his own name on his singlet), was commissioned to write a short report on the graded...

Cross Country I Love You

Cross Country I Love You by Michael Cunningham See Sportsworld Running Clubs Cross Country Titles to date here: Cross Country Titles Cross Country I Love You. Well...

Intro to Sports Psychology

Thanks again to Sports Psychologist Colm Murphy for a really interesting talk last night attended by over 60 club members in Bushy Park. Many...
Men in gym with trainer exercising on fit boxes.

Strength Program

The core is the foundation for your movements, enabling mobility in the upper and lower body, directing power efficiently to your limbs, and stabilising...

Training Paces

In running pace is all about how fast you are moving and is usually expressed in relation to how fast you could run a...

Running Economy: How to run faster for longer

What is running economy? According to Wikipedia Running Economy (RE) measures runners' energy utilization when running at an aerobic intensity.  Those who are able to...

Nutrition for Runners

Below some nutritional information thanks to Dietitian and club member Aine Kelly http://sportsworldrun.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Nutrition-for-sportsworld.pdf

Training Variety

While you may be guilty of lacing up your running shoes and going for any old ‘run,’ mixing up your training and including a...

How To Do A Dublin Graded Track Race

The Dublin Graded meetings are track races organised by Dublin Athletics over all distances and participants are graded according to ability with A the...