On St Stephens day a good few runners from the club normally meet outside the clubhouse slightly shaken from Christmas the day before but looking forward to a run along the Dodder heading East to Donnybrook and back. Some of the paths are a bit narrow but its great being able to run continuously along the river.

South Dublin County Council having being working on this route, over the last year, but heading West to make a Greenway over 17km long (when finished) from Sir John Rogersons Quay in the city center to the Bohernabreena reservoirs (The Waterworks). When it comes to planning and long term thinking we have made some big mistakes but I think parks in Dublin and now the Dodder Greenway are examples of good planning and long term benefits. Full details on the Greenway can be found here https://www.sdcc.ie/en/services/transport/cycle-tracks-and-greenway-schemes/dodder-greenway-route/

With Covid 19 construction has stopped at the moment but last Sunday I needed a new route in my 5km (mostly in my 5km) and decided to run along the route. Most of the bridges are in place but closed off until completely finished. A lot of the paths are done but some need to be finished and I think some of the gates between sections are going to be removed to make cycling and running easier.

The weather was really good and a lot of people seemed to have the same idea to walk/run/cycle along the route. Even with a lot of people there was still plenty of room to run and keep 2meters. Brothers Pearse have a grass track planned on the route, its marked out but not finished yet. The fields in Kiltipper also had a make over last year and there are now proper tarmac paths around the park, no elevator to get you to the top of the park though.

So if its within your 5km you should check out the route. Hopefully if the Greenway is used and enjoyed more parks will be linked into the Greenway with paths and bridges rather than having to run close to the roads and traffic.