Return to club training has been agreed for May 10th. The clubs first training session will be on Tuesday the 11th of May. There will be two time slots 6.30pm and 7pm. There will be 2 Pods of 15 at each time slot. Training has to be booked at the below link but there are also a few very important notes on return to training:

  • We need 2 weeks of training before we can look at seeing if it is possible to take on brand new club members, so only previously registered runners can sign up for the training.
  • You need to register on the Athletics Ireland link to book the training. You need your Athletics Ireland number to do this so your club fees need to be paid.
  • We are asking people to book before 3pm on the day of training so we can manage the numbers. If everyone books at 6pm we won’t have time to get the pods ready.
  • The clubhouse cannot be used as its indoors so runners have to arrive ready to go with their warm up done.
  • We have to keep the pods separate. People mixing with groups in other pods not only gives the appearance we are not obeying the rules but increases the chances of Covid spreading.
  • If you can also try and keep to the same Pod and running group each week it would also help.
  • As soon as the session is over runners need to disperse and not hang around in groups.
  • We share the park with a lot of other uses so we need to keep 2meters from other park uses when training.