Thanks for all the brilliant contributions this year from everyone and happy new year!

Before we start 2016 we thought it would be fun to throw out a few general website stats from the past 12 months…including the most read race reports and meet the runner features! (We based the winners on unique page visitors and not the overall page visitors statistics as we got tipped off Michael Cunningham has been repeatedly visiting his meet the runner page this week to move it up the rankings).

Number of pages viewed:

We had 39759 pages viewed over the past 12 months.

Average time spent on the site:

The average time people spent on the website was 2min 18secs and they usually viewed 2 pages.


Gender balance:

More men (54%) than women (46%) visited during the year.


How people got to the website:

The majority of traffic to the website came from people finding us through search engines like Google and from us posting website links (your race reports etc) on to social networks like Facebook.


Top 5 places where our visitors came from:

We had visitors from 77 different countries over 2015. We will be requiring some of your race reports in Spanish in 2016.

  1. Ireland: 89.9% of visitors
  2. UK: 3.36%
  3. USA: 1.68%
  4. Spain: 0.53%
  5. Australia: 0.36%


Most read race reports (based on unique hits):

  1. Kilcommon 10k by Will Greensmyth with 300 hits (Click here: Read report)
  2. Dublin Novice Cross Country by Lucia Prihodova and Wesley Harrison (Click here: Read report)
  3. Sportsworld Track Championship by Gareth Murran (Click here: Read report)
  4. Dun Laoghaire 10k by Conor Kenny (Click here: Read report)
  5. Dublin marathon 2015 by multiple writers (Click here: Read report)

To browse all previous race reports click here: Race Reports

Most read meet the runners (based on unique hits):

  1. Sandra Gowran with 347 hits (Click here: Read report)
  2. Margaret Crowley (Click here: Read report)
  3. Aoife O’Leary (Click here: Read report)
  4. Gareth Murran (Click here: Read report)
  5. Shona Keane (Click here: Read report)

To browse all the meet the runners to date click here: Meet the runner

Most visited generic webpages (based on unique hits):

  1. Homepage with 8367 hits (Click here: Visit Page)
  2. Join (Click here: Visit Page)
  3. Race Reports archive (Click here: Visit Page)
  4. Fees (Click here: Visit Page)
  5. Club Records (Click here: Visit Page)

Devices used to view website:


  • Mobile phones: 32%
  • Tablets: 34%
  • Laptop/PC: 34%

 Peak times on the site:

Most people visit the site between 8 and 10 in the evening with the busiest month being October (Dublin marathon month and the start of the cross country season).