Report by Will Greensmyth

I togged out on Stephens morning for the annual Newport Wren Run. Newport is a village in Tipp about half an hour from Limerick City. The race is a fundraiser for local sports clubs and had plenty of community support.


The weather in Newport, like most of the country on Stephens Day, was torrential rain and I was fliuch go craiceann just warming up. There was a choice between a 10k and a 5k race. Having eaten my bodyweight in food on Christmas day together with a merry snifter or two of festive port, I decided for the shorter distance. There was a good turn out for both races so hopefully plenty of funds raised for the worthy causes.


Will leading the race on St Stephens Day

The race started with a downhill sprint before heading out of the village and heading for the Clare Glens. The Clare Glens, despite the name, are actually on the border between Limerick and Tipp and are a wooded area around the Clare River.


The route was a fairly hilly out and back course. There may have been a slight miscalculation in the measuring of it as the 5k become a 6.2k race by the time I finished. But sure what harm. Extra turkey calories burned and a good tempo run in the bag. I think my runners are still drying out.