The third last graded track race took place in Morton Stadium last night. Being the 4th of July someone decided to set a truck close to the stadium on fire and it was an unusual setting as runners in the early races had to contend not only with the summer heat but some pretty bad smoke fumes.

Of course this did not phase any of our track runners with Margaret relishing the fact she was the only Sportsworld girl competing and the Sportsworld men eager to take on the 800m sprint and the 12.5 lap marathon.

There are only 2 more graded track races left in the season so if it was your New Years resolution to try a graded track race in 2018 get a group together and enter the race.


Margaret Crowley 800m 2.43

Martin Keenan 800m 2.18

Timothy Morahan 800m 2.23

Stephen O Donnell 5000m 16.37

Gareth Murran 5000m 16.38

Michael Cunningham 5000m 17.16

Justin McKeever 5000m 18.10

Conor Keating 5000m 19.01