Michael O’Grady was down at the club on Saturday 13th of September for a functional running workshop. Functional Running is ultimately about running well; uninjured, inhibited, anytime, anywhere. It is about you running strongly, competently and expertly so you can take your run into any situation, be it trail, mountain, road, flat, fast, slow, for fun or for performance.

Michael did an extensive lecture followed by a fantastic demonstration of all the exercises and drills. Both  the lecture and demonstration were well received. Club members both old and new got great insights into increasing performance, reducing risk of injury and how to train more effectively

For more information on how to become a stronger runner, run injury free or just get in better shape, please see Michaels website or give him a call on 087 703 88 23

More detail on what the workshop involves

I – Muscle Composition
– fast twitch/slow twitch
– aerobic I
– anearobic IIA & IIB

II – Training Physiology
– training principle
– overload – recovery – adaptation
– VO2max – aerobic capacity
– lactic treshold training

III – Running Economy

IV – Biomechanics

V – Functional Movement Pyramid
– biomarkers for injury
– injury cycle

VI – Components of Running
– The Five Ss

VI – Aspects of Running
– form and technique
-The Five Ps
– biomechanical factors
– keys to perfomance
– technical aspects

VII – Exercises and Drills – Demonstration