You had to buy the t-shirt if you wanted one,
there was no cup of tea after
and there is no longer a medal,
but the ‘The Lakes 10’ race
still gets the thumbs up.

The friendly volunteers and support,
the closed roads,
an accurate course and ‘precision timing’,
a relatively small field
(limited to 600 but actually just short of that),
a fine autumn day,
a samba band
and muffins,
added up to a good day out.

Of course you also had to run.
A new course record of 30.08 was set by Freddy Sittuk.
McMorrow.E.was 4th in category, Willoughby.S.
and McMorrow.K. both 7th in theirs,
Kenny.C. 9th in his.

Full results at
www.’the lakes 10k’.ie