Graded Meet 4 – Wednesday June 3rd at Tallaght AC
Report By Joe Haugh

Well after a blustery start to the week, the Sportsworld running crew decided to run in pastures familiar. Saturday morning track training in Tallaght AC , was put into test with this graded event. My first time at the event and to give people a flavour of what is on offer, there is Javeline, Long jump, Shot, 100m, 800m and 3000m events, something to suit everyone’s abilities. There are numerous clubs represented, and it a great way to get some speed and fitness training in, which will compliment the Saturday morning training here.

There where a number of club members, who competed. For the running events, there are a number of categories so participants can enter in a category which they feel suits their running speed at that point. As you progress you can move up or down ( hopefully not down 🙂 !) , depending on what you feel.

First up was David Saunders who ran and won the 100m D grade, well done David, this is your second time at the event.

Next we had the 800m event, and David Saunders represented the club well, finishing second in the D grade, well done David, good running.

In the 3000m B & C grade, Michael Cunningham and Karl Chatterton finished 7 & 8 respectively. Both rang excellent races in a tough and competitive field.

In the second B & C grade, Gavin Finlay ran and came sixth, another strong performance.

Finally Karol Cronin ran in the 3000m A grade, and this was a strong field, Karol managed to finish 5th, and marginally missed a top 3 in the last 100m, but ran an excellent sub nine minutes.

On the support front we had a good contingent from the club, cheering on the gang, as well as a number of midgets who certainly kept us on our toes, maybe running next time round, will keep the midgets away!!

Thanks to Eoin O’ Brien for taking pictures , which should hopefully be shared (click here!), and to Myles for helping with the timing and position gathering.

Next race 17th June in Santry, and it includes mixed relays, start getting your teams together (Details at bottom of page).
Till then,

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