The sun came out as usual for the best race of the year, the BHAA Dunboyne 5 mile.

Around 15 to 20 Sportsworld members ran in perfect conditions on winding country roads and all had happy faces at the end while speed eating sambos, buns and cakes!

A crash on the m50 meant it took many, including me about 90 mins to get here but it’s worth it.

I have to thank Nurofen for temporarily suspending the knee pain. It’s amazing to feel the excitement of racing again. Obviously not as fast as normal but I wasn’t missing this for the world.

It has the perfect mix. Flat course, winding rural roads, country hospitality and atmosphere.

Once you run this once you will be back every year.
Will be back in 364 days time with 2 working legs and def going to break 30 mins.
Already in the diary!

Plenty from the club running with results  here: Full Results

Denis Mccaul, Conor Kenny, Stephen Willoughby, Ray Carpenter, Noel (builder)….., Brian (Maynooth College)….., Will Greensmyth, Eoin O’Brien, Sandra Gleeson, Orna Dilworth, Alan Dignam, Paul O’Connell, Maria Finnegan, Audrai Mulvin O’Driscoll, Paul Cassidy and Enda McMorrow

Ellen got wrong directions from hubbie and missed the race by 3 mins but cheered on the masses.