A small representation of Sportsworldians made their way to the windswept plains of the Irishtown track on Wednesday evening for the third round of the Dublin Graded Track Events. All our combatants took part in the various one mile races.

First up was our sole girl – Shóna Keane – displaying the patented Keane Kick in the last 200m to finish in an impressive sixth place. In the “D” grade race, Denis “Energiser” McCaul showed that a 5mile p.b. race the day before is no impediment to running a track race and cantered around with unerring ease. In the “C” grade, myself, Michael Cunningham and Conor Butler and a load of young lads from Clonliffe, who couldn’t possibly remember World Cup 1994 toed the line. Youth trumped “experience” but the three of us got around and didn’t embarass the red and white singlet. In the “B” grade races, Paul Duffy, Gavin Finlay, and Gareth Murran all thundered around.

Thanks to Myles, Emily, Ruth, Stephanie, Anna, Kevin, Paul O’C and Karole for the support – much appreciated especially in the last lap!

(photos courtesy of liffey valley ac)