By Anna Delaney

Mini marathon day is big day in our racing calendar. This year 14 of us from Sportsworld headed off with the masses. First time ever I managed to get an Elite entry, I tried last year too without success so was over the moon when I finally got one. Of course once I got it I thought I had the hard work done but now I actually had to run it. And I’m glad I did.

It’s a great day, runners/joggers/walkers take over the city & there’s a lovely atmosphere around. I was dying to see what all the fuss was about with these Elite numbers and now I see. You get to avoid all the crowds and hanging around, get to do a leisurely warm up alongside the fast girls and then rock up to the start line with a few minutes to spare. All very easy (so far).

The new start area was down on Baggot Street and it was eerily quiet, no music or count down which you’d associate with such a big event. Molly Malone started up (I’m pretty sure by Lucy) so that took care of the few minutes till the gun went. Everyone took off like hares and I tried not to get caught up. My plan was to keep even pace but my watch never managed to get a signal so I was doing it the old way which was to keep Tricia in sight and chase her the whole way round the course. This happens in a lot of races, it’s like my comfort zone at this stage.

It isn’t the most interesting course in the world and there’s a few sneaky hills and long stretches of road. Fantastic Sportsworld support out all along though which helped a lot. I kept Tricia in sight most of the way but she had a good kick from about 8.5 km so I was on my own for the final stretch. Not much left in the tank at that stage and it was mind over matter from there on.

Orna Dilworth was our first Sportsworld girl home in a fantastic 40:26, followed hot on her heels by Ciara Foster who had a super race, Ruth & Lucy clocked, as always, brilliant times. Tricia knocked nearly 2 minutes off her time from last year. Sandra G had a fantastic race as did Ciara Kerrigan both making fierce comebacks. By the sounds of it Aileen had a difficult race but her tan looked great! Carol continues to impress and bagged a category prize. And watch out for Deirdre Heavey, she’s making great leaps in the year she’s been in the club. I wobbled (literally) over the line in a time that unfortunately won’t qualify me for an Elite number for next year’s Mini so it’s back to the drawing board.

Well done to everyone who took part and to those who supported and a big thanks to the Sportsworld stewards who had a long day down in Ballsbridge.

33. Orna Dilworth 40:26
34. Ciara Foster 40:28
44. Ruth Kelly 41.57
60. Lucy D’arcy : 43:10
84. Patricia Fitzmaurice 44:38
96. Anna Delaney 45:15
115. Sandra Gowran 46:00
119. Ciara Kerrigan 46:04
194. Julieann Dowling 47.50
281. Deirdre Heavey 49:22
388. Carol Lynch 50:35
404. Aileen Melody 50:48
922. Tracy Gannon 54.30
1016. Paula Dooley 54.56