Graded number four incorporating the Dublin championships took place this past Wednesday evening in a humid Santry stadium. With only the shorter events taking place there wasn’t much representation from the club. Only two runners took part with Gareth Murran and Paul Duffy taking part in the 800M B grade race. Gareth was first up and ran 2:05 whilst Paul ran 2:08 in his first over the distance in heat B. Whilst many in the club would rather add an extra zero to that 800 the graded events are open to everyone, good fun and represent a chance to get a PB over a new distance. For anyone who does run an 800M here are a few tips. The next race 1500M in Tallaght on June 25th.

Start to 200 – Get out fast and relaxed. Don’t cut in right away.
200 to 400 – Work your way into good position for the last lap.
400 to 600 – Push it! Don’t relax.
600 to 800 – Make a move early. Don’t wait to kick