Meet and Train Race 4 Report
By Patricia Fitzmaurice

Last Wednesday was the final of the “Meet and Train” races. It was a scorcher of a day, 29 degree’s c when we got out of the car. Perfect beach weather, so needless to say we were all a little worried before the race. The course was fairly flat and set between the Cherrywood pitches and walkways.

Paula Prendegast set the pace and Anna Delaney led the rest of the pack around the first lap of the pitches. The front of the group would change many times after as everyone struggled with the pace and heat. Paula however was well clear of everyone. All the supporters around the course really cheered everyone on. As we ran round the second lap everyone tried their best. The Donore girls created a gap, unfortunately we didn’t have the pace to close it. We finished strong with six in the top twenty. We missed Catherine Bambrick who usually flies the Sportsworld flag at the front of these races.

Everyone was happy with their performance considering the heat. A lot of the girls had improved their times and placing in this race. Ali saw her hard work pay off as she placed 20 people higher than the last race. We all headed happily for tea and homemade scones and carrot cake in the clubhouse. The Meet and Train is great place for new members to get some race experience and to meet new friends.

Sportsworld Results:
6th Patricia Fitzmaurice
9th Anna Delaney
10th Orla O’Flynn
13th Louise Bruton
16th Ann Higgins
18th Alison Warde
21st Grace Kenny
29th Valerie Lacey
62nd Maria Varley
74th Jennifer Shorten
83rd Laurence Delair