Report by Sean Duffy

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First race report.. I looked through one or two prior to starting this and I apologise for the lack of photos. I need to take a leaf out of Emmet Wardell’s book on race reports.. impressive stuff/ photos!!

GFW 2015

Stock Photo of Race Reporter Sean!

I signed up to the night run as it was my first ever 10km race last year. Shamefully, I have only managed one more 10km in the past year (Windmill Run in Garristown). 10km would be one of my favourite races along with 5km as I like the quick pace and hence why I have never attempted a marathon! Although 2016 could be the year..

The atmosphere was great before the race- I went with a good friend of mine and the craic was flowing with the crowd in high spirits. The usual annoying DJ guy was there to get the crowd “pumped”. Music was belting out as a few people completed their strides, the majority choosing to chat and have the craic.


We bypassed the packed start line, climbed over of the barriers and worked our way up near the front passing a few understandable frowns on the way. A frustrating memory of last year was the human traffic and being stuck behind people for the first 1km- I wasn’t making the same mistake this year! I met Lucy up near the start line who was helping to organise- I could tell she was only dying to get involved! The minute countdown began and I was happy to be around 10 rows from the front, although I could see a few people in front of me who I would have preferred to be ahead of! When the race began, I was proved right. I was stuck on the inside with the barrier on my left, a huge volume of runners on my right all itching to break free and behind a couple who, wait for it, had decided to hold hands for the race. Disgusted (neither were blind before any comments are made!). I managed to work my way around them, as I heard some funny comments of “Christ” and “Ffs” from other runners who encountered the inseparable two. You could only laugh.


It was a good start as we made our way over the millennium bridge. The first km was a breeze as usual and passed without notiicing. I tried to keep up with one or two others I have seen before in the Rathfarnham 5km race- this became more and more difficult as the kilometres ticked by! By the 4th/ 5th kilometre, I was finding it tough going- my splits were slightly slower and I was doing my best to maintain the pace I had hoped to keep before the start (circa 3.40/ km). A few began to overtake me which was irritating but I was back on track with my splits. Around the 7km mark I was going around some of the quieter, darker alleys of the winding route and out of nowhere I heard someone shout “keep it up Sean!”- it was Kevin. I’m not sure if Kevin usually hangs around quiet dark alleys on a Sunday night but his words of encouragement were welcomed! (Just to confirm he was stewarding!)

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Sportsworld stewards Val and Ann reporting for duty

I was back running along the liffey as we headed for the Pearse st area. Again, another sports world colleague who was running on the far side of the barrier in the opposite direction shouted “only another 2km- keep it going Sean!”. In a world of my own, he was well past me when I clocked it was Damien Geraghty.. Cheers Damo! And impressive that he knew I had only 2km to go…


We took in some scenic inner city estates with the local young lads “cheering” us on. “Come on fella, hurry up” , “Gerrup da front will ye” and “chop chop mister!” were a select few lines along with one or two expletives used! Sound lads.

Based on my watch, I was on course to finish within 36 mins. As I approached the end of the race, my watch buzzed as I had ran 10km. Feeling very hard done by, I crossed the final bridge and swung right for the home straight. The looked up to see the clock in the distance reading 36.50. I was desperate to keep it below 37 so went full tilt for the line. I could see 37.01 just before I crossed the line. Raging. Even worse, a cycle back home to Churchtown awaited having just missed my target. I met up with Damien after the race- delighted with his PB.

When I got home. I read a text from VM congratulating me on completing the race with a time of 36.54, a new PB for me too and a big improvement on the 40.11 I got last year. Happy out.

Roll on the 5 mile in Dunboyne on Tuesday.

Sportsworld Results:

Sean DUFFY 00:36:54
Damien GERAGHTY 00:39:51
Delan Brady 00:41:36
John Dwyer 00:43.24
Ronan MURRAY 00:46:00
Stephen WILLOUGHBY 00:46:57
Padraic MORAN 00:47:13
Caoimhe COSTIGAN 00:49:22
Emma BARRY 00:49:59
Siobhan CLARKE 00:55:40