Here are some helpful tips that we would like everybody to adhere to & get safely through the winter:

  • Hi-viz clothing – I know you are tired of reading it & I am tired of typing it.  The reflective bibs are mandatory during winter training.  No excuses, no exceptions.  Can anyone who has accumulated a stock of club Hi-viz bibs please return them as soon as possible – stocks are very low at present.
  • Pedestrians & cyclists – please remain alert at all times for pedestrians & cyclists.  Do not run 3/4 abreast across a footpath, please give way.
  • Junction/road crossing – cross at the green man only.  Please do not weave through stationary traffic.  You need your breather.  We all do.
  • Session etiquette – keep right during the session to avoid on-coming club-mates.  Overtake on the left, but only when the way ahead is clear.