By Aggie Buckley
Well done to all who took part in the Fingal 10k as part of the Dublin Marathon race series.

Well done to all that took part on what can only be described as a challenging course with many inclines and very little downhill’s. Wonderful times once again from everyone. Whoever said that this race wouldn’t be as bad as those hills in Phoenix park obviously forgot to tell us about all those little sneaky inclines, think I prefer the hills I know about there and get them over and done with.

Some very impressive work from members suffering from aching calves with just 6k into the race and giving it their all and coming back with yet another PB. Other people suffered from stitches early on to finish with very impressive time. Congratulations to anyone who managed to meet their goal on such a challenging course. It’s an excellent race to test yourself outside your comfort zone.

At least the sun stayed at bay and the water hose came out just in time to get us all to the finish line and keeping us refreshed! I believe there’ll be another challenge around the corner very soon.

Results from the race below, apologies if I missed anyone

39 Damian Kelly 35:51
154 Kieran Foley 39:48
193 Sean Donegan 40:39
330 Stephen Willoughby 42:47
387 Stephanie Bergin 43:39
405 Aggie Buckley 43:53
398 Francis Mahon 43:44
497 Padraic Moran 44:54
511 Jakub Splawski 45:14
557 Sandra Gowran 46:18
677 Mark Mc Daid 46:55
821 Eoin O’Brien 48:26
968 Claire Rowley 49:40
1089 Caroline Lynch 50:41
1676 Siobhan Clarke 55:33
1356 Jim Manning 53:04