The great Ireland run took place the 9th April at 9:00 am in the beautiful Phoenix Park (if my grandmother was alive she would have bet on that number). As a matter of fact, the race also included the National 10k Championship.

As I do for every race, I woke up early, had breakfast and chose the clothes I was going to wear for the race. Since I moved to Ireland, I only follow one simply rule: I put on the warmest clothes I have… and if they are waterproof even better!

Around 8 am, Bel and I, started our journey to the park. Two buses and a little walk later, we arrived to a frozen and white park. The weather was really cold but sunny and, fortunately, not rainy at all!

As soon as we arrived, we found part of the team and we all went to the starting line together.

Some of them went to the very front and others, like me, preferred to start the race in a later place. After a funny and motivating warm up (I really hope nobody saw me doing the “right – left” exercises) my first race of 2022 started – what a moment! If you are good keeping secrets, I would admit that I was a bit moved. The run started and I was enjoying it a lot. At the beginning, we ran downhill making things easier. Then, the hardest part begun and the downhills turned to be uphills. All of a sudden, I was again at the starting point, initiating my second and final lap. This one was shorter and a bit different from the first one and had more zigzags than I expected but it was a good crack!

49 minutes and 34 seconds later, I was crossing the finish line and my race finished. If you need a proof here is the amazing medal I received:

Aligned with the slogan “Be your greatest” I made a PB!!!

Massive well done to everyone who took part in the race!

¡Que viva el running carajo!

Club results can be found here