Race Report by Gareth Murren

Photos By Noreen Brouder

Gowran is a town located on the eastern side of County Kilkenny about 80 minutes from Bushy Park if you drive in the correct direction but more about Karol’s terrible sense of direction later. It is the location of the annual Leinster road race. A tough 6-kilometre loop over four loops. Sportsworld has managed to do very well in previous years with many a Novice runner losing their status on the course.

They say old age is a gift but I’m not so sure when trying to run 4 intense laps on a bank holiday Monday morning, it used to be easier than this. Agree with it or not current age to become a master’s Runner is now 35. That magic number opens up a whole new world a racing opportunity. I have wanted to get back racing in Gowran for four years now and today was that chance. Despite the passage of time not much has changed. In years gone by I was chasing behind Paul Duffy and in 2017 I’m chasing Karol.

The first race of the day saw Catherine, Jean and Val finish a very respectable 4th. It’s great to see Jean back on the team and running so well. Catherine has just finished her corn flakes when she arrived at the start line and did very well to finish 5th in the race overall. Jean and Catherine also picked up silver medals with Dublin.

Next up was the Masters men. Thinking that he was on the race course and not the running course Karol took off like a hare. At the midway point of the first lap he was almost 50 meters clear. I stupidly have decided to follow him and paid the price for it later on. Laps 1 and 2 were ok but last 3 and 4 felt ver very bad, like Badu style. Rounding out the team was Michael, Phil and Derek. Michael is having a fantastic season and Derek is showing a good run of form following his marathon success earlier in the year. Karol toughed it out and was only narrowly beaten into 2nd.The )35 team finished 2nd with Karol and Gareth winning on the Dublin team also. The over 50 team finish 3rd.  It was a large field so I posted the results below.

Next up we had the formidable pairing of Helen and Sinead, backed up by Maria and Patricia. It was clear from the start of the race that it was going to take something special to beat Helen today as she tore off into the lead. That lead continued to strengthen as the race went on and she came home in the first position with Sinead in 3rd. Everyone looks forward to seeing these two in senior races next year. Maria and Patrica ran great to finish in 15th and 22nd. It’s great to see the depth back in the ladies team. The team also took 3rd for Dublin, despite them all being blow ins to the pale.

Last race of the day was the mens novice with Mark, Conor, Diarmuid and Alan taking center stage. The guys came 32, 39, 40 and 46th. Well done lads and fair play to Alan for running the Novice to complete the team.

Overall a great trip to Gowran with a nice medal haul for the club.  With such high fitness levels, the results will only get better as the track and road season progresses. Next stop the Sportsworld 5 Mile on May 14th. Note to self dont sprint the first 400 meters. Thanks for all the great support Paul, Noreen (On Camera), Myles and Emily.