On Tuesday night, May 26th I saw the real purpose and true depth of what it means to be in a running club. So many turned up with big smiles, bigger hearts, a competitive spirit and fistfuls of money. The running was fun and the spirit in which people competed was even better. In the end, we raised €850 for a very worthy cause (and something very close to my heart). I want to say a deep felt Thank You to all who supported the evening especially for the great good humor in which you ‘competed’.

I also want to thank those who couldn’t be with us yet still contributed quietly and without fuss. When I walked away I was reflective. This is what occurred to me,
– The real benefits of a club is not just in running
– The generosity and kindness of my club mates
– The positive spirit that is shared by all of us
– And… the competitive spirit that never dies, no matter what the race!

You will never know the good you have created but you did.
For that, I’m deeply grateful.

Thank You,

The only loser from last nights main event was a group of eggs which turned up for some light training. They were hoping that with a bit of exercise, they might get to be poached, fried or even scrambled, but faith took a very bad turn for them and the egg throwing competition claimed all their lives. When asked by the gardi about reports of a mass egg-flight in the park, we mentioned that we were sowing egg-plants!!.