The traditional Bushy Park access gate to the club house has become unusable due to excessively water logged pitches and the on-going (and on-going) redevelopment work by the council on the tennis courts beside the clubhouse.


With the construction zone for council work blocking the park path and the pitches being swamped, Sportsworld members are encouraged to use the smaller gate at the east side of the park (right beside the roundabout) that has a pathway to the clubhouse – see map below. This is to avoid soaking your runners each night or having to train in wellies.

We should be able to have the gate open for you this Thursday – if not the worst case scenario is the gap in the fence to the right hand side of the gate! (we’ll get the gate open…..but don’t forget about that gap just in case 😉 )

This is a temporary solution until the bad weather passes letting the pitches drain off and firm up or until the council get the park paths cleared by the clubhouse.