Dublin track graded races were on last night in Santry. Despite the massive downpour of rain around an hour before the start conditions were pretty good for the 100m, 800m and 5000m (12.5laps) races.

First up was the 100m races. I have done a good few graded races over the years but never a track race involving with starting blocks. Like others I’ve seen the video’s of people falling on their face trying to get out of them but I also didn’t want to run the 12.5lap 5km. Luckily Usain Bolt was picking up his pay check from Trevor Sweeney in St Lucia and explained how to run sub 10sec 100m but explaining and doing are two different things.

The 100m wasn’t pretty but its a start and I now have a time to beat. Have to thank Brian Byrne and Maria Jones for their 100m advice too. If anyone wants to see a slo mo video of my 100m there are a few going around, despite what Gareth’s says it is Slo motion not real time.

Also in the 100m race was Nevin King who has a good bit more experience with block starts and also Cian Buckly who was doing his first ever track race.

Next up was Emma Meade who timed the 800m perfectly and held off a number of strong challengers to win her graded race.

Then we had men’s 800m with semi professional track runner Martin Keenan showing how to run 800m. Also running in the 800m was Michael Lillis improving on his 800m time from a couple weeks ago and Nevin King, Cian Buckly and Michael Cunningham.

The final race of the night was the grueling 12.5 lap 5km. The A race was won in a blistering time of 14.52 but Karl Chatterton, Stephen O Donnell, Timothy Morahan and Conor Keating all had great races with Karl finishing second in his grade.

There are only 2 graded left, the next one is Santry and the final one is in Tallaght if you want to give it a go. Also they are always looking for officials at the track races to help with the timing and organisation so if your injured or not watching Love Island maybe you can help out.