As some people have been querying, it’s now possible to download entry forms for the 2010 Ballycotton 10 Road Race here. The first 2500 postal entries opened will be automatically accepted. These spots go like the proverbial hot cakes. AAI registered runners will be accepted by post up to and including Tuesday December 15th. Click here for full entry procedures.

It will be 33rd edition of this classic race and Sportsworld has been well represented at it throughout the years. School books of Irish folklore have been updated with the epic battle of a certain husband and wife back in 1984. Way back then, when Miami Vice first beamed into our lives on the small screen, John Treacy picked up silver in the marathon at the LA Olympics and Star Trek III – The search for Spock hit the silver screen, this competitive duo left Dublin and hiked to east cork and lined up with the good and great of Irish athletics. They stood side by side (playing elbows) on the start line. The wife was feeling confident as she hummed Cyndi Lauper’s new No.1 “Girls just wanna have fun”. But it was the husband who first stormed up through the fishing village, over the crest of the hill to the finish line in 56.13 followed by his better half in 57:42. After not talking the whole way home the poor lady had to endure months of gloating across the kitchen table – pass the salt….ahh to slow! So in 1985, Emily Dowling lined up again and ran a stunning 56:00, knocking 13 seconds off Mick’s time to get a classic Dowling time!