This morning, Sunday, November 8th 2009 was a special morning for one Sportsworld Athlete. In fact, it was a very special morning indeed.

This morning Myles Nugent ran ‘The Waterworks’ 25 years to the day since he first discovered its hidden beauty.

As the sun came over The Sally Gap, Myles our Club Marathon record holder, complete with a nagging injury, could not resist a celebration run.
The sun shone brightly and warm winter clothes fast became too much.
The wind dropped and the silence paid a respectful guard to this man of many achievements.

This time we were the audience and Myles The Mentor. Stories of heroic runs were remembered in graphic detail.
The run got going and even the cows stared on.

Hill 1 and it slipped softly by. We were listening, distracted, and our jog was gentle.
The first lake reflected our pack and the true beauty of this Sunday run could not have been more evident.
We flew through the next few miles and back to where it all began.

At the car park the symbolism of handshakes and congratulations were not lost.
25 years, recessions, careers, struggles, highs and lows. 25 years of waterworks running reminded us of the one constant ‘thing’
Our running, our friends and our weekly training village.
Always there, always patient, never changing.
It’s just us humans who do the opposite.

To Avoca for a lazy Sunday morning.
We talked about Myles and guess who walked in?
A family Christening would not deter a brief half hour to complete his anniversary day.
Immaculate with shoes as polished as the lakes, Myles engaged us all.

He had to leave early but we cherished his time today.
As he left he turned to us all

“I hope we are still running in another 25 years”

We do too and if we can’t, we can still have coffee, still walk and still enjoy the precious gift of the company of friends and our 25 year Marathon Man too.

By Conor kenny