There was a number of Sportsworld athletes taking part in Graded meeting number 5 in Irishtown stadium last night. Whilst there was no standout performances on the night and a few disappointments times are improving.

There are plenty more runners in the club capable of competing at the graded’s. Starting off in grade D or C can really improve your speed. ┬áThere is only 3 meetings left this year. The advice is to give it a try as there there is runners at all levels taking part.┬áResults are shown below.

10 616 Murran, Gareth Sportsworld A.C. 27.72

2 619 Brady, Aoife Sportsworld A.C. 4.43.55
3 620 Brady, Crona Sportsworld A.C. 4.44.52
38 616 Murran, Gareth Sportsworld A.C. 4.23.02

9 677 Duffy, Paul Sportsworld A.C. 15.53.77
11 678 O’Connell, Paul Sportsworld A.C. 16.03.54