On Saturday the 26th of June track training took a back seat as the second best road race of the summer took place in Dunshaughlin. Last year the mens team won the mens team cup and were greeted on its return with ‘you’ll have a tough time winning that again this year’. But the Dunshaughlin mens team hadn’t figured on a return to form Paul O Connell and a still improving Paul Duffy. There were also some new runners representing Sportsworld and not so new with Karl Cronin and Ruth Dillon on the senior teams and Joe Byrne and Val Power showing they still have it.
The weather was prefect for a 10Km bit too warm for anything further, the Dunshaughlin course was well marked and not a single car on the course with plenty of people out of their houses cheering you on. The race belonged to Mick Traynor who at over 45 showed age is no excuse coming in first in 32.08. 4th and 5th was Paul O Connell and Paul Duffy exchanging positions back and forth over the last 2km. Gareth Murran in 12th and Karol Cronin in 24th secured the mens senior cup for the 4th time. There was also great running by Joe Byrne coming in 3rd in his age category and great individual runs by Ruth Kelly, Ann Higgins and Philip
4 244 Paul O’ Connell Male Senior 00:16:03 00:16:56 00:33:00

5 88 Paul Duffy Male Senior 00:15:59 00:17:06 00:33:05

12 231 Gareth Murran Male Senior 00:16:43 00:17:26 00:34:09

24 68 Karol Cronin Male Senior 00:17:11 00:18:00 00:35:11

51 71 Michael Cunningham Male Senior 00:18:18 00:18:41 00:36:59

58 589 Joe Byrne Male O40 00:18:43 00:18:55 00:37:38

145 166 Ruth Kelly Female O35 00:20:25 00:21:15 00:41:40

187 142 Ann Higgins Female O45 R.C. 00:21:04 00:22:18 00:43:22

275 356 Valerie Power Female O40 00:22:56 00:24:23 00:47:20