Report by Gareth Murran 

Stone cold sober I decided to run the Dublin Senior whilst out celebrating the Dublin Marathon 2016 last weekend. My thought process was that I need a race before Lanzarote in 3 weeks time I’m usually averse to running on grass never mind a muddy cross country Santry. The Dublin Senior is a race I have avoided many a year. It’s a very tough 10K where the chances of you being lapped whilst feeling like you cant go on are pretty high.
Today’s race was ran on the familiar Santry course and consisted of 6 large laps and 1 small lap. The  pace from the get go was fast due to unusually dry and cold conditions. Standing on the start line I knew that the relatively small field and my overall fitness meant it was going to be a tough day.
The pace was indeed fast from the start. 2 of the team today were making their senior  cross country debut. Conor and Justin had a great battle  with Conor winning in the sprint finish in 34 minutes. Both of the lads are relatively new  but doing the club proud and improving at break neck speed.  Our top runner was Karol who ran a fast 31 minutes, quickly followed by an ever determined Phil.  Battling it out at the back of the field myself and Michael found the pace a too hot to handle, finishing in 36 minutes.
Thanks for all the great support from Emily, Packie, Kevin, Crona, Paul and a few other voices that I heard through the suffering.

Mens 10km Sportsworld Results

18th Karole Cronin 32.07
42nd Phil Kilgannon 34.50
46th Conor McCarthy 35.05
47th Justin McKeever 35.10
53rd Gareth Murran 36.09
54th Michael Cunningham 36.24