Report by Grainne Lynch

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I should have known when I shamelessly bragged about completing my second half marathon on Facebook that it would lead to a request from Eoin to write a race report. Mental note: celebrate quieter next time!! Just the idea that I can run 21KM still gets me super excited as when I joined Sportsworld 8 months ago, I was just about able to plod a slow 10KM.


Race reporter Grainne

So, after reading the reports of last July’s Clontarf half being a nice, flat, easy run I decided to give it a go. Nice – yes it was! Flat – as a pancake! Easy – not so sure! Despite the freezing cold, it was a beautiful morning for a run. I’ll ignore the fact that they were playing Christmas tunes on the 19th November!! There was a clear blue sky and sunshine as we ran up the promenade taking a sharp right onto the wooden bridge. The scenery was stunning and everyone was in good spirits.


As we ran across the bridge the pacer shouted “smile everybody, because you won’t feel like it the next time you are here”. How right she was! Then onto the dreaded sand. As it was the beginning of the race and we had the wind at our backs I was wondering what all the fuss was about. This sand running is easy! Back on the concrete on the long stretch from Dollymount towards Sutton I was actually looking forward to getting back on the beach.


It was on this stretch that Patricia ran by me on her return leg – the only other Sportsword runner I spotted on the day. Before long we were back on the beach again. This time a very different experience!! Fatigued, and running into a fairly strong wind I began to struggle. Spirits no longer high I turned into an emotional wreck!


And judging by the faces and breathing of those around me I wasn’t the only one but we dug deep and made it back onto the wooden bridge (unsmiling this time)!! Then, and angel from heaven appeared at about 18KM in the form of a woman with a bucket of orange segments and cola bottles! She was ascended upon like a shower of locusts.


I truly believe those 3 cola bottles got me through the last 3KM. So, thank you whoever you are! Also, a big shout out to the lady with the sign that read “worst parade ever”. Made me smile when I needed a pick-me-up.

In conclusion, it was a brilliantly organised race (I’ll let them away with the fact that the 5KM and 6KM markers were too early), great atmosphere, stunning scenery, pancake flat and I think once I erase the final 5KM from my memory will go down as my favourite, most enjoyable race to date.

Well done all Sportsworld finishers!
Mary Finn 1:29:25
Neil Purdy 1:38:42
Patricia Fitzmaurice 1:41:47
Grainne Dileen 1:48:07
Grainne Lynch 1:54:48