Long time club member Stephen Willoughby is organising the Zurich 2 Mile Race under BHAA rules on August 31st. The race will be run over 2 miles and takes place at Tallaght Stadium. Entrants will run in the race matched to their BHAA grade.

The timetable for the races on Wednesday 31st. Note the 7.15 start

Race 1 7.15pm Standards 1 – 6
Race 2 7.30pm Standards 7 – 8
Race 3 7.45pm Standards 9 – 11
Race 4 8.00pm Standards 12 – 15
8.15pm Retrorunning Demonstration
Race 5 8.20pm BHAA Team Relay
Race 6 8.30pm Non Bhaa Members
Race 7 8.45pm Standards 16 – 30

It’s likely to be the last track run of the year for many so enjoy. Stephen is looking for volunteers to help out. If you are free or woould like to watch a good night of track races, get in touch with Stephen.