The national track championships took place  this past weekend in Santry stadium. The club had 3 runners taking part this year.

First up was Phil Kilgannon on Saturday. Phil  was running the 10K. 25 laps of the track requires allot of mental toughness and concentration.  Phil ran a great finishing in a very respectable 13th place. Running a time of 32:53 Never letting the head drop Phil ran the whole race neck and neck with some of the best long distance runners in the country.

Aoife Brady ran  the 5K on Saturday. Aoife was up there setting the pace for much of the early part of the race. Even when she  fell back into second place Aoife still looked relaxed and smooth as always on the track. For the 2nd time in 3 years Aoife took home the national sliver medal. If there had  been an extra lap she would have been likely to win the gold.

Last up was Paul Duffy on Sunday. In one of the toughest races of the championships Paul was always going to be looking for some runners to hang on to. Unfortunately many of the lower ranked runners dropped out or managed to hang onto an early lead over Paul. With the top 10 runners all going under 15 minutes the pace was tough. Paul put in a good effort and finished the last few laps strong.

It’s not until you see the national championships that you realize the standard that exists out there. Well done all!