It was a cold but beautiful sunny morning in Dunboyne as runners from all over made our way to take part in the first of four meet and train cross country races. A great mix of running newbies (including myself!) and cross country veterans took part, and Sportsworld had several teams entered for the race so there was a good crowd between runners and supporters.

As I hadn’t run cross country since I was a young one in school I didn’t really know what to expect from the race but there was great support and advice from others on the team! Our warm up lap allowed us to discover the muddy part on the course (which was good to know about in advance!) and to get a feel for the lap of which we’d be doing four.

The race started at about 11am and was 3km in distance which probably sounds shorter than it felt! The grass was long and we had our bit of mud but the course was nice and flat and it was a fabulous dry day so we were winning. Everyone ran brilliantly and after doing our post-run photoshoot we went back to the Dunboyne A.C clubhouse for a well-deserved cup of tea, biscuits and chats. Between the race itself and getting a chance to meet so many new people it was a great day. A special shout out to Lorna who led the pack, running brilliantly and coming in first. Well done to all!