When did you join Sportsworld?

July 2017. I plucked up the courage after doing the Terenure 5 Mile and signing up for DCM 2017.

Where do you work?

I work for Bank of Ireland

What is your favourite club session?

I like any interval stuff during the summer and the hills and sprints during the winter as you can have a good blowout, which is a great change from the slow miles and grind of marathon training.

What is your favourite race distance?

I love the marathon for the challenge, but I think my favourite race is 10 miles. I haven’t done many shorter races and only did my first 5k today (Streets of Dublin) and really enjoyed it so would like to do more of these races.

What is your favourite meal before a big race?

Porridge with cinnamon and honey

My Favourite place to train is?

Phoenix Park for the long stuff and we did a session on the indoor track recently, which was brilliant.

What’s your favourite race?

Dublin Marathon, it’s a fantastic experience.  Also, as I grew up in Drogheda there is always a good buzz around the Drogheda 10k and I always bump into plenty of people I know. It’s a tough course though.

What is your target for the next year?

To improve my times generally. I’m doing the Berlin Marathon this year and would love to run a Boston Qualifying time to allow me to enter that race.

What is your best Sportsworld memory?

I have only been in the club a year so I don’t have a one great memory but I really love the chat and post-mortems after a races with all the Sportsworlders. Before joining the club I used to do races on my own and it could be a bit of an anti climax after a race when you just went home afterwards. My wife did her best to feign interest in how tough the last mile was but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it!! I really try to encourage anyone I know who runs to join a club for the camaraderie and encouragement you get.

What international events have you ran? 

I ran the Paris Marathon this year and it was a fantastic experience. I would encourage anyone to try it as it’s a huge event and the atmosphere was really good. I’m doing Berlin later in the year and there’s a good group from the club doing it so it should be fun.

Where’s the most interesting place you have run?

I’m not sure about interesting but the most beautiful place I have ran is the road from Camps Bay to Cape Town in South Africa. It is along the South Atlantic Ocean and you have views of Table Mountain. It was also sunset and was absolutely stunning.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?    (Doesn’t have to be running related)        

Travelling is my passion (along with Liverpool FC). I absolutely loved South Africa. It’s a beautiful country but still has huge social and economic problems. We visited a township and it really makes you appreciate how lucky you are. I went to Russia last year to St Petersburg and Moscow. It was really good to talk to our guides and get their opinions on their country and it made me realise that we get a picture of these places on the news but it can be entirely different when you experience it yourself. I’m visiting India in August and am really looking forward to that.

What do you like doing when you don’t run? (hobbies/past times)

I play a bit of golf and love going for walks and something to eat with my wife Martina. (Middle age stuff)

How/When did you start your adventure with running?

I’m your typical story of fat man trying to lose a bit of weight so starts running. I was very athletic as a kid and was a member of Dunleer AC and played a lot of football and GAA. However that went by the wayside when I moved to Dublin and went to college. Gradually I found myself putting on a bit of weight every year and when I hit my 40s I decided I’d better do something about it so started running as I hate gyms. To my surprise I really enjoyed it and I now probably couldn’t do without it.

Tell us about your PB’s / What is your biggest achievement?

5K – 19.42 (Watch said 18.59 though for 5K. Whoever measured the course needs shooting)

10K – 42.55

10 miles – 1.12.50

Half Marathon – 1.32.34

Marathon – 3.30.44

Biggest achievement was DCM last year. Oh and I nearly topped the Strava leaderboard one week but Mr Mars Bar himself, Martin, decided to go for a run at what must have been a minute to midnight to knock me off the top.

What is your biggest non-running related achievement?

It’s a tough question. I’ve completed a couple of Master degrees which were challenging.

How often do you run / What is your typical weekly mileage?

I try to run at least 5 times a week and when I’m training for a marathon (which seems to be constantly) I’m running 50-60 miles a week.

What motivates you? Running or otherwise

Running wise I love the feeling of being fit. I hope to keep going for as long as I can.

Otherwise I just try to do more of the things that make me happy.

What would you say is the best thing about being in a Running Club?

Being able to share and hear about everyone’s achievements and struggles. Being part of a club where people share your interest encourages you to do more of it. Also whatever level you are at you will improve as a runner if you are a member of a club.

What was your first day at the Club like?

From what I can remember it was good. I met Myles and after asking me a few questions he said I was grand to do the session. We were doing 600m repeats and I remember after one thinking I was going to throw up, but I managed to do them all and I don’t think I’ve missed too many sessions since.

Why is running important to you?

Exercise is obviously very important and I’m in a job where I spend most of my time driving or sitting. Also it’s a great stress reliever and I really do notice getting a bit grumpy if I haven’t run for a couple of days.

Is there anything you would like to see more of or less of at the Club?

Not really.

Who is the person in the club who inspires/drives to run better?

Everyone really. I probably look to the people who are the same age or older than me to show what’s possible if you get off your arse.

Do you do any cross training / other sports on a regular basis?

I’ve started doing a bit of strength training. I looked at a video of myself finishing the marathon in Paris this year and you think in your own mind that you run with great style but I was horrified when I saw that I was practically sitting down my posture was that bad.

I like to keep a bit of mystery!