When did you join Sportsworld?

Originally joined in 2014 when former member Paul Brady brought me down.

Where do you work?

On Leeson St for a fund admin company.

What is your favourite club session?

Can’t beat those winter hills and sprints. I like that it keeps everyone together and it’s a good hard session. Waterworks a close second.

What is your favourite race distance?

The older I get, I favour the longer races more.

What is your favourite meal before a big race?

Usually granola, yoghurt, chia seeds and honey 2.5 hrs before gun time!

My Favourite place to train.

Phoenix Park by far.

What’s your favourite race?

Probably half marathon distance

What is your target for the next year?

Break 1.28 for the half and 3.10 for the full.

What international events have you ran?

Lanzarote last year, though my running was fairly harmless.

Where’s the most interesting place you have run?

Lanza I guess. I’m a bit of a home bird runner!

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?

Wilson’s Prom national park, Australia.

What do you like doing when you don’t run?

After a weeks work and training there’s not a lot of time left. I LOVE a quiet pint and the conversation that goes with it. I have 3 little nieces in Dublin too and they like to keep me on my toes.

How/when did you start your adventure with running?

Like most things, accidentally.

Tell us about your PB’s / What is your biggest achievement?

Breaking 40 for 10km and 90 for the half were big ones for me. Happy with 3.14 in the marathon but feel like there’s unfinished business there!

What is your biggest non-running related achievement?

It’s a short list to choose from. I’d say buying and redeveloping my house.

How often do you run / What is your typical weekly mileage?

Circa 50k