When did you join Sportsworld? 

I originally came down to the club in Summer 2012. I fully intended to come back again but work and a few niggles got in the way. I think I was then down again a handful of times in 2014. It was in April 2015 that I ran my first race in the Sportsworld singlet at the Meet and Train road race in Lucan. However, this was followed by further absence due to work and niggles. I only really got to know anyone in the club when I threw myself into a cross country race in October 2016. I have tried to make a better effort with training and competing for the club in the last couple of years. 

Where do you work? 

I work as a solicitor in Dublin City.

What is your favourite club sessions? 

In the winter I really enjoy hills and sprints. It is an excellent workout and we all push each other.  In the summer I love the Tuesday night speed sessions in Bushy Park. I really enjoy group training and feel that it really pushes me to run faster. 

What is your favourite race distance? 

This is yet to be decided. I do a lot of 5k races but I am not sure I really enjoy them. I am experimenting with various distances this year to see what suits me best. 

What is your favourite race? 

I think my favourite race is the Liberties 4 mile race in Kilmainham each July. It is usually well attended by the club and is part of the Liberties summer festival offering a nice distance and route which starts and finishes on the grounds of the Irish Royal Hospital Kilmainham. 

What is your target for next year?

I have managed a PB in each distance I have raced in this year. It has been a good year so I really just want more of the same and to stay injury free and attending sessions.

 I think I am doing a 10 mile in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will get a PB there. I really want to try and get a sub 20 minute 5k this year. I have came close enough this year and I know where I am falling down. I just need to work on those points and fingers crossed I will hit 19 minutes in 2019.

I tried my first track race recently so I would like to try more of them and take some seconds off my time. 

I also would like to give cross country a better shot and be a more useful member of the team next season.

Tell us about your PBs/biggest achievement

As I said 2019 has been a good year for me. I am happy to see some progress and to be training consistently. My PB list at the moment is:

5km – 20.18 (Tallaght 5K, 2019)

10km – 43.06  (Mini Marathon, 2019)

5 mile- 36.10 (Irish Runner 5 Mile, 2018),

10 mile – 1.19.19 (Irish Runner 10 mile, 2018)

Half Marathon – 1.40.26 (Lisbon Half Marathon, 2019)

The Nugent sista’s hit Lisbon

What international events have you run? 

I took part in the Lisbon Half Marathon on St. Patrick’s day this year. I wanted to do a half marathon this year as I had avoided the distance for the last couple of years. It was also nice to plan a weekend away around a race and Lisbon is a really cool city. I had no expectations as I had not done very many long runs in advance and I was coming off the back of cross country season. It went really well though as I got a 9 minute PB at 1.40.26. I enjoyed the race and was delighted for my sister who completed her first half marathon in a great time. I want to do more international half marathons/races and the Lanzarote International Running Challenge in the future. 

How often do you run/what is your weekly mileage?

30 to 40km at the moment

Do you do any cross training/other sports on a regular basis? 

I enjoy going to the gym twice a week, swimming and I play tag rugby when I can. If I have any more time I would try and fit in a yoga or Pilates class. I used to play Gaelic football in Roscommon and Dublin but found it too hard to make the training sessions and matches as I generally work long hours.  

How/ when did you start your adventure with running?

I played Gaelic football with my club in Roscommon since I was 7 or 8 years old. There was a focus on running in the training sessions and I started to realise that I really enjoyed running. I think I did my first 10km race in 2013 in 51 minutes. 

What would you say is the best thing about being in a running club?

I really enjoy training with a group.  It is a very social club and I have met really great people during my time there. It is really nice to meet like minded people who have similar interests and goals. There is such a good atmosphere at training and races. Everyone is encouraging and I really appreciate the advice and encouragement I have received from club members over the last couple of years. We are blessed to have people like Emily, Myles and Michael who work so hard to make the club a wonderful place. 

meeting like minded people down the club

What do you like to do when you don’t run?

Work and training takes up a large part of my week. However, I always make time for friends and family. I love eating out, going for drinks or the cinema and I enjoy watching most sports or going to gigs and festivals in the summer. Life can be pretty hectic so I just like to really chill when I can. 

What motivates you? Running or otherwise.

I always want to make my family proud. They always taught me to work hard to achieve my goals. 

What is your biggest non running related achievement?

I was pretty good at quizzes back in the day. I won two all Ireland titles two years in a row in a question time event.

I also have a box full of medals and trophies from my Irish dancing and football days.

In more recent years, my biggest achievement was qualifying as a solicitor after many years of training and study.