Report by Crona Brady

Aoife and I took a city break to Lisbon for a few days and a break wouldn’t be a break without a race thrown in! So we toed the line with 35,000 others to take part in the Vodafone mini marathon which coincided with the Lisbon half marathon on Sunday 20th March.


The race started at the start of the 25th of April Bridge and continued across the bridge ending in the popular tourist suburb of Belem. The sun came out, the views were amazing so much so that we took some photographs en route! Running is a great way to get to know a city and taking part in an event so big was extra special.


Action shot by Aoife of race reporter Crona!

We jogged along side runners of all ages, the atmosphere was electric and added benefit was that we got to see the half marathon runners for the last two k of the course (which split in two with the half marathoners going around for another lap).

Running into the finish we were greeted with bananas and magnums, a random combination but a very welcome treat after 8ks of running.  In the goody bag was a magazine with a list of international fun races so we spent some time sitting on the grass enjoying the sunshine deciding on our next adventure.