Report by Will Greensmyth

Photos by Eoin O’Brien

The great Emil Zatopek (seriously google him J) once said “if you want to win something run 100 metres, if you want to experience something run a marathon”. I might add, if you want to feel your lungs burst out of your chest, your legs fill with lactic acid, and your eyes blur in a daze in the home straight, run a fast mile on the track.

Emil Zatopek

Emil Zatopek in action last night

With that said, well done to all ten Sportsworld runners who took part in the trial by fire that was the final Irish Runner Paced Mile event in Alsaa last night.


I’m presuming it was down to the wonderfully documented reports from myself (from night one in January – click here) and the Editor (from night two – click here) that saw a 1000% increase in SW participation from the previous two events. That, and the outrageous value of a paced chip timed mile for €5.

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The evening commenced with 12/11/10 minute miles, followed by 9 and 8 minute miles (the latter being paced like a metronome by our own Stephen Willoughby). After that, it was time for the first Sportsworld runners to enter the 1609 metre and 34 centimetre fray with Breda Browne and Catherine Gilmore both smashing the seven minute mark.

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Running in the 6.30 and 6 minute mile category, we had Val Power, Declan Brady, Margaret Crowley and Eoin O’Brien. O’Brien smashed under the six minute mark with such ease, that a request has already been lodged with the BHAA race officials to demand his elevation from Grade D to, at a minimum, Grade B for the Trinity Track Extravaganza in June. Margaret, more used to the shorter sprint races in the Gradeds, worked like a Trojan in the last lap and was just outside the six minutes while Declan and Val showed serious strength to pull through.

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In the last run of the night, Jim Browne, Karl Chatterton and myself tackled the 5.30 and 5 minute mile category. Running a mile on the track is not the easiest thing in the world to, particularly when you’re hitting the third lap. However, with lots of support and encouragement, we all came away with a good marker for judging training paces over the next few months.

Video of Karl, Will and Jim finsihing their second lap last night

There’s plans for a summer series to be held in the Phoenix Park during the summer and I think we’d all recommend it. We’re due back on the Tallaght track for Saturday morning sessions from 2 April, which are always great sessions, put a bit of zip in the legs and worth going along to for the breakfast in the cafe afterwards.

Full Results Below:

Karl Chatterton 5’02”
William Greensmyth 5’13”
Jim Browne 5’31”
Declan Brady 5’46”
Eoin O’Brien 5’48”
Margaret Crowley 6’04”
Breda Browne 6’42”
Valerie Power 6’50”
Catherine Gilmore 6’56”