Report by Claire Rowley

Photos by John Dwyer

paddy and claire

Paddy Lynch and Race Reporter Claire

I managed to get a number last minute (thanks Naoise!) However I was wondering if I had made a right decision as I was already warming up with the heat walking up to the start or it might be down to the fact that I left the house last minute and was there just in time (considering I am always late for training that’s no surprise for some of you!)


Rushing to leave in my bag and joining wave 1, I spotted a few familiar faces – the Sportsworld singlet was out in force for the 5 mile race this year

The race started nicely up the avenue and took a turn to the right where the crowd could be seen running along the North road and then Old Lamp road.


Timing on the first mile was great – of course it’s the first mile and it’s flat! Mile 2 was the same trucking along at a nice steady pace. Mile 3 at the kyber was a chance to make up some time as you  but there is always the lingering thought in your head that you have to hit those hills yet! However, one of the best things about being in a running club is meeting your clubs mates along the way, having a chat and getting the encouragement to keep going.


The dreaded turn up towards Military road was the start of the second half of the race and the start of the upward climb.  The plan was to pace the hill and keep the head up as they say in training, as once the first hill is over there was an opportunity to catch up a little on the S bends.  Feeling better than I thought I would be at that stage and on track for time, I hit the 2nd hill on the Upper Glen road  but by the time I got to the top of this hill, I was glad to be nearly finished.


As I turned towards the final 400 meters I was delighted that the end was near and I was within my target time. As I crossed the finish line and got time to catch my breath (well really leaning against the nearest railing to stand), I saw the sea of Sportsworld colours all gathered together after the race. There is lots of chatter about results, where best to go for coffee and some breakkie  –  the most important part of the morning of course!

Well done to all, great morning and great results!


Sportsworld Results

Sean Duffy 0:29:25 – 36th out of 2500 finishers!
Joseph Gallagher 0:31:45
Emmet Wardell 0:32:40
Peter Knaggs 0:33:30
Denis Mccaul 0:33:31
Sean Donegan 0:33:36
Eoin O’Brien 0:33:59
Andrea Mcnamara 0:34:42
Aidan Curran 0:34:49
Stephen Willoughby 0:35:12
Naoise Waldron 0:35:23 – PB!
Phillip Kerr 0:36:11
Eileen Butler 0:36:16
Johnny Dwyer 0:36:34
Eileen Rowland 0:36:54
Paul Cassidy 0:37:47
Aileen Melody 0:38:03
Claire Rowley 0:38:21
Emma Barry 0:38:59
Lucia Prihodova 0:40:53
Catherine Gilmore 0:41:10
Caroline Lynch 0:41:50
Audrai O’Driscoll 0:41:44
Sean O’Byrne 0:42:18
Padraig Moorehouse 0:42:53
Katie Nugent 0:42:05
Jim Manning 0:45:11