Race Report by Wesley Harrison

Photos by Karl Chatterton and Eoin O’Brien


Track stars Justin McKeever and Race Reporter Wes

Did you win? That was the question a friend asked me on Wednesday night. She is clearly not a runner or else has no clue of my running ability. Ok I train hard but you don’t just sail up the pecking order with hard training. It takes time. And lots of it. So this year I decided to forget about times and splits and mileage and just enjoy running. Take one session at a time and of course try and stay injury free. A philosophy that appears to be working. It is also the first summer where the track was an option.

Santry Stadium

Wednesday’s graded event was my third. These meets can be intimidating with some of Ireland’s finest short/middle distance athletes on show. I rocked up a little late and with the usual pre race anxiety stirring away in the stomach. I was delighted to set eyes on Derek and Justin, Justin still buzzing after his fantastic 63 on the 400.

Justins 400m start – Video by Karl Chatterton

We proceeded to warm up and discuss race tactics. The conversation was inspirational. The man is of a similar vintage to myself but has every intention of running his fastest times this year. We caught a glimpse of Catherine in the 800 who was still feeling the pain after her fantastic pb at the weekend.


Catherine back leading at track training after a number of back to back races with PBs

A final few strides and we gather at the 100m mark. I couldn’t help but notice we were the best represented club, with myself, Karl, Stephen, Conor and Justin proudly displaying the white and red. Quick clipboard name check, set, boom! We are off. Not as frantic a start as the previous 800s but still a bit of panic trying to edge your way to the inside lane. Crossed the 300 in mid 50s, faster than I thought but thankfully we settled down. On the second lap a gap started to open. I had a choice to stay in the familar surroundings of my fellow strugglers or push on and catch up before the gap grew. Worried about my inexperience, I chose the safe option. Next time, maybe.


The rematch between Wes and Justin last Saturday!

At the start of the final lap I made a tentative move on my leader but he was having none of it and accelerated with me. I was not passing him, certainly not at this point. But as we turned for the final straight, I flashed back to last saturdays 4 x 100s and gave it everything. Of course the other lads dont take this lieing down so we enjoyed a 3 way sprint finish. Myles was on hand to clock the time and offer congratulations. You can’t beat the buzz of finishing a track race. It’s a rush I will keep coming back for and it makes the pre race anxiety worthwhile. The cool down was made more enjoyable following both Gareth and Carole in their 1500s. A spectacle of quality running and a jaw dropping pace. Well done lads. Roll on Trinity next week!


Sportsworld Results:

100m Grade C
Saunders David 12.3 PB

400m Grade C
Saunders David 57.86 PB
Mckeever Justin 64.1

1500m Grade A – Dublin Championship
Cronin Karol 4.08.05 PB by 6 sec!

1500m Grade B
Murran Gareth 4.22.98
Mulleady Catherine 5.26.34

1500m Grade C
Keating Conor 4.31.76 PB by 3 sec!
O’Donnell Stephen 4.35.24 PB
Chatterton Karl 4.38.51 PB by 9 sec!
Harrison Wesley 4.46.60 PB by 14 sec!
Mckeever Justin 4.51.48