Race report and no photos by Michael Cunningham

Sportsworld results below.


Race reporter Michael with his favorite cheesecake

The guilt of track training on a Saturday morning without doing a Graded track race this summer finally got to me and I signed up to do the 5000m in Irishtown on Wednesday. It had been a hectic night on Tuesday making smoothies and I felt my energy levels was subsequently lowered but I thought if I did the race I would deserve a pizza and beer and if not I would have to have a green vegetable smoothie.


Margaret Crowley was up first in the 100m sprint. She was too fast for me to see. Margaret is one of the most consistent female track racer in the club and is on the lookout for her own set of racing blocks. Trevor Sweeney is talking to Usain Bolt about coming to Ireland to give block training in return for Tea and Cake and Trevor’s Platinum Coppers Card.


Next we had Conor Keating and Martin Keenan battling it out in the killer 800m. The young and the wise battled each other over the 800m and finished within a second of each other. Gareth Murran was up next already in training for La Santa. Margaret had Gareth’s lap times memorised to the 100th of second but after only coming back to full time training Gareth wished she hadn’t.

Then the moment the crowds were waiting for the Mens 5000m grade C.


It was my first 5000m on the track. 12.5 laps, yes 12.5 laps. Scary. At the end of each lap there is a board that tells you how many laps you have left, God I hate that board. Conditions where pretty good, there was a light rain and a light breeze but the roar of the crowd drowned that out, well Margaret and Martin did their best.

Stephen was uncatchable setting a strong pace and finished in second while myself and Justin traded places a few times during the race as we each got second winds. I had my own Ciara Mageean moment on the track with a few runners nearly tripping me up, in my head I thought about passing them all out and race to try and get second place, but this was just in my head.

John our Cork import had a brilliant race in the A grade and even though the pace was blistering he looked relaxed and comfortable just like they do on TV.


The club is trying to get a large group of runners together to do the Masters Track Championship in Tullamore on the 21 August. So if you have any questions or want more information about the event ask one of the committee members or Emily or Myles. To enter/timetable: Click here


Sportsworld results:

Margaret Crowley 15.4 Sec

Martin Keenan 2.17.24
Conor Keating 2.18.04
Gareth Murran 2.09.66

John Durcan 15.27.49
Stephen O’Donnell 16.54.14
Michael Cunningham 17.27.74
Justin McKeever 17.34.10