Report by Aine Kelly

Photos by the Docklands Facebook Page (Click here for Album 1 & Album 2) and the Sportsworld Gallerys (Click here)

I First started running with Sportsworld back in December with the view to work on my running; little did I know I would also end up having to work on my writing – thanks Eoin! For those of you who are new to Sportsworld– NEVER show up to a race without your Club attire, unless of course you want to spend your Sunday evening writing a race report!


Race reporter Aine…  pink….hence why she is the race reporter

Anyhow, enough complaining, onto more serious business;

7.30pm last Thursday evening rang in the annual crusaders AC ‘Docklands 5km’ Run.  The race was well attended with over 1500 entries, 200 of which came in under the 20-minute mark.  PBs were rife owing to good race conditions and a pancake flat and fast route.


Approximately 31 eager red and white Sportsworld members (and one plain clothes member; namely myself) assembled at their private dressing room (thanks Will Greensmyth) on Rogerson’s Quay, very conveniently located only 1 minute from the official start line.

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As we set off on our group warm-up there was lighthearted chitchat about time aspirations and PBs. However the conversation quickly progressed to the more serious matter of GnTs in the Ferryman after the run! 15 minutes later I became quite concerned. I asked around: “Shouldn’t we be ‘resting the legs’ before the big event?” Just goes to show how much I know! As a rule of thumb; the shorter the race, the longer the warm-up. I’m always learning!

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The event was well organized with 20, 25 and 30km pacers. The ‘U’ shaped route went from the South Docks at Lime Street to the Matt Talbot Bridge, across the river and straight down to the turn around point at the 3 Arena. From there we traced out footsteps back past the start line and finished at Sir John Rogersons Quay.


I lined up behind the 20km pacer with Liam Lenehan and Naoise Waldron. Liam joined the club only 2 months ago after running the Terenure 5 mile back in May. Myles promised him that his times would improve under Emily’s watchful eye. He proceeded to run a PB of 19.47, almost 2 minutes faster than he had previously achieved. I’m not sure if I should say well done Emily or well done Liam!


While I optimistically lined up with the two athletes above I lost them after a minute (delighted with myself that I’d stuck with them for that full minute) and decided to run my own race. I felt good on the outlet part of the route but the return leg felt long in the humid conditions. Despite this, the spectators, stewards and all important club supporters offered many words of encouragement, which drove me on.

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I finished up with my own PB of 21.04 which I was chuffed with. You wont find my name on the results page because I took Wesley’s race number – Wesley of course will be disgusted that I have blackened his speed rep forever. Fans will be shocked – sorry Wesley! But thanks for the race entry!


The well-known Peter Somba won the race in a lightening speed of 14.40. As always, several Sportsworld runners did the club proud making top rankings. Gareth came in at 16.35 while Noreen, Kate, Andrea and Naoise were among the first 20 ladies home. Kate Kelly, the 26year old ‘one to watch’ came in at 19.04 and Noreen Brouder at 17.49, both made it home in the top 10.

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Much needed refreshments were sourced in the Ferryman pub after the race. While some of us know our limits and left at a reasonable hour, others went on in search of more refreshments, finding themselves being kicked out of Flannary’s at 3.30am. We wont name any names though, Eoin, Gemma, Denise & Will!

BeFunky Collage

Roll on next years Docklands 5km. We are ready for you!

Sportsworld Results – 36 finishers!

17 GARETH MURRAN 00:16:35
37 SEDANAND MCGEE 00:17:08
73 NOREEN BROUDER 00:17:49 (5th female)

97 EMMET WARDELL 00:18:24
105 NOEL TOBIN 00:18:40   (5th in age category)
121 DAVID SAUNDERS 00:18:55
123 PAUL BRADY 00:18:55
129 DECLAN BRADY 00:19:05

130 KATE KELLY 00:19:04  (9th female)
131 DENIS MCCAUL 00:19:05
149 EOIN O’BRIEN 00:19:22
151 JOSE CHAPA 00:19:23
170 PETER KNAGGS 00:19:33  (5th in age category)

173 DERMOT SULLIVAN 00:19:32
202 LIAM LENEHAN 00:19:47 (1st in age category!)
210 Andrea MCNAMARA 00:20:04   (17th female)
217 NAOISE WALDRON 00:20:01   (18th female)
235 KATHLEEN HORGAN 00:20:25   (4th in age category)

239 Stephen WILLOUGHBY 00:20:22
267 AINE KELLY 00:21:00
313 DENISE KILKENNY 00:21:26
383 Crona BRADY 00:22:15
406 CLAIRE ROWLEY 00:22:27

404 Thomas KINSELLA 00:22:40
418 SANDRA GOWRAN 00:22:46 (3rd in age category)
434 MAIREAD DAUNT 00:22:56
457 GEMMA WHITE 00:23:13
458 GRAINNE LYNCH 00:23:13

471 EILEEN ROWLAND 00:23:34  (2nd in age category)
497 AGNES BUCKLEY 00:24:13
506 Rosie MULHERN 00:24:03
566 AUDRAI O’DRISCOLL 00:24:31  (5th in age category)
589 MARIA FINNEGAN 00:24:56
652 PETER BRENNAN 00:24:39