Report by Gareth Murran

Photos by Eoin O’Brien. Full album: click here. Full results below


The night started off at 7pm with Sportsworld sprinting sensation Margaret Crowley getting a 200m PB of 31:33! She was followed by Damiano making a graded debut in the 200m running 31:42.

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The evening moved on to the 1500m distances where Catherine Mulleady and Tara Rhatigan went out hard and stuck with the pack to run a great 5.19 and 5.21 respectively.

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The 1500M is one of my favorite distances. Your not out on your feet as you would be in an 800M but your never comfortable even in the early stages. The best tactics are to go out as hard as you can and just keep pushing. The 1500 C race last night had myself, Will and Conor running. Very often you can be warming up and feeling like there is nothing there but usually when the gun goes you feel great.

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Despite not running too much over the past 5 months my brain still thinks I can run a few 65 second laps in a row so it’s a shock to hear the lap guy say 72 seconds for 400 M. Will took the race out in the first lap. I slotted in and after 400M decided to go to the front. The next few laps felt steady like a good effort but they were steady rather than fast. When we were coming up to 200M to go a much younger guy decided to take the lead. With no speed in my legs it was a step too far.

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The closing event was the 5000m races. Up first where Derek Saville, Anthony Gillen and Declan Brady in the B+C Grade race followed by Karol Cronin in the Grade A race. Some of the lads got isolated over the 12.5 laps of the track which can be difficult but they dug in to have strong runs and finishes. Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to come out and support the runners!

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Sportsworld results

200m Grade B
Crowley Margaret 31.33

200m Grade C
Celestini Damiano 31.42

1500m Grade B
Mulleady Catherine 5.19.58
Rhatigan Tara 5.21.49

1500m Grade C
Murran Gareth 4.30.92
Keating Conor 4.34.50
Greensmyth Will 4.37.74

5000m Grade A
Cronin Karol 15.45.68

5000m Grade B+C
Saville derek 18.17.6
Gillen Anthony 19.15.5
Brady Declan 20.01.5