The second event in the Dublin Marathon Race series took place in Fingal on Sunday morning in hot conditions with a great club presence at the event. The race started on Swords Main St before a turn down the Swords Bypass roundabouts. The first half was downhill before we turned off the bypass and around through the country lanes at Balhery with a gradual climb back to Main Street Swords for the finish on a lovely route.

The race was extremely well organised. It was very clear to all concerned that the weather conditions would be a factor on the day and there was a bit of nervousness that was palpable both in the warm up areas and the pen prior to the start.

News began to spread that a second water station had been added. In addition, the Dublin Fire Brigade had no less than 3 engines out with hoses to spray us down along the route. The good people of Swords were also inspired by the Fire Brigade with a garden hose or two being sprayed out of front gardens onto the route for runners to run through. The hydration stations were also help, although the vessel for consumption was a cup instead of a bottle – which is great for sustainability but bad for hydration as we all know about 95% of each cup ends up on your face. I did think at one point during the race that there might be a market for someone to travel around running clubs to teach runners how to drink out of paper cups while running. Any club entrepreneurs can have that idea for free Terms and conditions apply.

I was happy with my own run and I got around the time I was hoping to run – I was unsure about the approach  as a 10k race is relatively new territory for me aside from the Leinster Senior Cross Country race last autumn. I met my pal Ciaran in the start area prior to the gun and we decided to run together. However, after about 6k he dropped me and I spent the rest of the race trying not to let his group out of my sights.  Once again my pacing was all over the shop; heading out far too quick as usual and having to hang on for the last few km. “A masterclass in how not to pace” Ciaran described my run to me afterwards. I think learning to pace my races is something high up my list of priorities.

There were some fantastic runs from Sportsworlders with 4 club members getting top 5 finishes in their categories and several PBs also clocked despite the conditions. There was a good gang gathering in the shade afterwards for the post-mortem before we all went our separate ways into the sun to enjoy the rest of our Sundays. Full list of club times below.