Report by Deirdre O’Connell
Tuesday 26 th July 2022

A lovely mild, bright summer evening, for the Night run, with a fine SW bunch for the West Dublin race.

I did the 10k here a few years ago when I worked in Parkwest. Back then it had a September date on the diary so it was actually a Nightrun. Parkwest has changed since and a pandemic hasn’t helped, plenty of businesses are long gone including my old gym and the cafe. Parkwest looks nicer before dark too, so a new July date suited everyone.

I was back this time for the 5k, which is the full race route; the 10k does it twice. There were some club runners about, but mostly it was groups of work colleagues and fun runners, and a big, lively gang from nearby Cherry Orchard.

Overall it’s a moderately fast course, long flats through the business park and along the lovely Canal banks, with a couple of slight uphills, footpath links, and some twists and a dead turn, along the way. I like the Canal part, it’s pretty and scenic, and it’s nice to see the same delinquent, swimming, teenagers under the bridge supporting as only they can!

Paul, Anthony and Declan finished with strong runs and we were all pleased. Stephan too, he was running/pacing a couple of work colleagues who were very happy with their times. I was the second lady home, a nice surprise on the home straight when I saw the lady in front of me go for the second loop! Despite an ever so slightly long course, I was very happy with my PB time which edges me ever closer to my lie goal of subbing 20 minutes for 5k.

The same organisers are running the “3/4 Marathon / Half / 10k” in Clondalkin on Sunday 9 th October and the Sandymount Nightrun 5K / 10k on Tuesday 25 th October.

14 Paul HAMILTON 00:39:12 00:39:13 143 M M40
28 Anthony GILLEN 00:41:34 00:41:35 460 M MS

18 Deirdre O’CONNELL 00:20:29 00:20:30 5180 F F40
23 Declan BRADY 00:20:59 00:21:01 5466 M MS
27 Stephan DE VRIES 00:21:04 00:22:01 5057 M MS

Results here