Dublin Half Marathon Race report
By Michael Cunningham

Dublin half marathon Saturday September 21st, half the distance so only half the fun of a full marathon but that didn’t stop a huge turnout from Sportsworld running club. So down to business and decide if to lead the pack out down Chesterfield avenue or let them do the work for the first 12 miles and take glory the last mile. Personally I went for plan c of pretending there was only 10 miles and hope for some inspirational plan for the last 3 miles.

The weather was good nearly too good. The first 2 miles were slightly down hill with a wake up call of a hill at the Wellington monument. Then a swing around the zoo with a long boring drag around the Garda headquarters. Then a new section of the course through Farmleigh house with a fast down hill section outside the park gates. You try and pick up what time you can here as you know you will be loosing time at the s bends. You get a bit of a boost as people from the club shout your name or ‘ go Sportsworld ‘ down Chesterfield avenue but you don’t know who they are as your now in the last third of the race and things are starting to hurt. Your then down a nice little hill and out the main park gate heading to the part you have tried avoid thinking about.

The last 3 miles I’m trying to block out but there were hills, a lack of energy and who ordered an Indian summer. I’m sure Mayo supporters would not call this pain but it was a challenging enough half mararthon as always in the Phoenix Park.

There were a number of exceptional runs with both Phil Kilgannon and Katrina Higgins making the top 10 and James Brady, Anna Delaney, Ann Higgins reaping the reward for hard work.

Full Club Results:

Phil Kilgannon 01:12:49
Paul O’ Connell 01:14:50
Gavin Finlay 01:14:59
Paul Duffy 01:15:14
Edward Mc Entee 01:21:32
James Dara Brady 01:22:18
Michael Cunningham 01:23:02
John Linnane 01:25:39
Olivier Privat 01:26:46
William Greensmyth 01:28:38
Catriona Higgins 01:29:04
Noel Tobin 01:29:47
Robert Mc Mahon 01:30:03
Ruth Kelly 01:31:14
Eoin Fitzpatrick 01:31:39
Joe Byrne 01:32:04
Jim Browne 01:33:37
Colm Cronin 01:34:08
Clare Baily 01:36:09
Brenda Egan 01:39:00
Nuala O’ Connor 01:39:11
Ronan Murray 01:41:01
Anna Delaney 01:41:12
Alison Warde 01:41:12
Patricia Fitzmaurice 01:41:36
Ann Higgins 01:41:18
Jakub Splawski 01:41:19
Gregory Autret 01:44:16
Sean Donegan 01:44:29
Stephen Willoughby 01:44:53
James Shanahan 01:44:21
Fiona Fagan 01:47:15
Lizalet Oosthuizen 01:47:35
Ray Carpenter 01:48:32
Deirdre Heavey 01:47:38
Naoise Waldron 01:48:57
Breda Browne 01:50:14
Ken White 01:50:40
Eoin O’ Brien 01:56:46
Miriam Smyth 01:58:43
Catherine Gilmore 01:59:37
Jim Manning 01:59:39
Claire Harrington 02:07:18
Joanie Kenny 02:16:02