Report by Michael Cunningham

June 21st is the summer Solstice and for some people it’s a big deal marking the longest day of the year. Some people gather at the Hill of Tara or Stone Henge others headed to Tallaght track to take part in the Graded races.

This weeks graded involved 200m for those people who constantly feel like they have just had 10 cups of coffee, 800m for those that think 800m is not a long distance until the last 300m and the 3000m race for the marathon track runners.

We had 2 brand new track racers this week, John Flaherty and Aidan Curran. There is no incitation ritual for new track runners this year but it may change next year so you’re better off trying out a track race this year. No one ever regrets it, not publicly anyway, and you can check out all the previous race times on the Dublin Athletic website so you know where you will finish in the grade of race you enter.

Margaret Crowley was up first in the 200m (30.82) and John Flaherty in his first race block start (32.63). If anyone wants to practice using blocks on the track on Saturdays we can organise getting them set up.

Next was Catherine Mulleady Elliot in the 800m (2.40) Margaret Crowley (2.41). I don’t think Margaret and Catherine have missed a graded race this year, it’s their nightclub.

Then Sportsworld took over the 800m men’s D race with Anthony Gillen (2.25), Michael Lillis (2.26), Alan Hynes (2.28) and Aidan Curran in his first track race in (2.36). It is definitely easier if you are planning on doing a graded race to rope in other people from the club to race with. Sharing is caring.

At this point I want to point out Eoin O Brien the Bere Island no show, the Trinity track no show was also a Tallaght track no show. Anyone else notice when he does do a race he doesn’t wear the club singlet!!!!

Next up we had the 3000m, 7.5 laps. B and C grades where packed together to have 28 runners in one race which means you have to watch your heels don’t get clipped or run 3200m by running in lane 2 or 3 the whole race. Stephen O Donnell had another great race finishing in 3rd place (9.35), Karl Chatterton having a triple race week (9.56), Michael Cunningham (10.09), Conor Keating (10.40), Michael Lillis (11.12)

The next graded race is July 5th in Irishtown so start planting the seed in the head of the person you run with on Tuesday and Thursday.

Sportsworld Results

200m Grade B & C
8th 30.82 Crowley Margaret

200m Grade C
7th 32.63 Flaherty John

800m Grade C
4th 2.40.0 Mulleady Catherine
6th 2.41.1 Crowley Margaret

800m Grade D
5th 2.25.25 Gillen Anthony
7th 2.26.40 Lillis Michael
9th 2.28.79 Hynes Alan
12th 2.36.70 Curran Aidan

3000m Grade B
3rd 9.35.79 O’Donnell Stephen
9th 9.56.89 Chatterton Karl

3000m Grade C
4th 10.09.37 Cunningham Michael
10th 10.40.97 Keating Conor
15th 11.12.11 Lillis Michael