Race report and photos by Neil Purdy


Bread rolls, sausages, black/white pudding, coleslaw, pasta salad, cookies, brownies, chocolate éclairs, applie custard tarts, hot cross buns, scones, macaroons, tea , coffee……

Oh sorry race report!!

The annual BHAA K-club 10k. (The k stands for Kildare, Eoin) was held on the 31st March around the quiet back roads of the K-club in Straffan.

I was on site nice and early to pick up the race number and catch up with a few other sportworders. Andrew was quick off the mark to stitch me up with the race report duties with Eoin in ear shot.. ah yeah good man.

Race reporter Neil in action on Saturday

We were all keen to get going and get back for the food which was well built up at this stage by members who had raced previous years. I had a good look at the course map to see if there was any shortcuts back to the finish because no way Andrew, Mark, Diarmuid and anyone sub 40 were going to leave much food behind. Main goal now was to limit time between their finish and mine.

There was a few hellos exchanged with other club members before setting out for a small warm up before heading back to the start line to say bye to the better half and Diarmuids cat (Ask him about that!)

There was a brief race talk which we couldn’t hear, a quick 3,2,1 and off we went for 10k. Course led us outside the K-club grounds passing Conor McGregors house. Bit annoyed he couldn’t come out to his balcony and cheer me on, ill remember that for his next fight.

We then started in on two 4k laps before heading back to the K-club. I was tipping along and hoping to stay within sight of Adrian who quick enough disappeared, ah here!

Keeping a steady enough pace through the kms and was nearing the second pass of the water station when trying to grab a cup of water I managed to lose grip and basically throw it across my face. Quick look around and no one saw, win!

Last little push on the 1500 back towards the club, quick look to see if McGregor was out, nope..

Turning into the golf course for the last little down hill to the finish line, wait what’s this we are being turned off the road right, i didn’t prepare for this! After a small detour to take in the sights of a back car park we are directed back out to the finish line. Time to turn on the sprint for the crowd and the wife who will be at the finish line encouraging me in.. no one, nothing. She was inside tucking into the race food, unbelievable!

Not the worst time but not a PB today. Meeting up with Adrian and Eoin the cool down run was quickly dismissed. Change of clothes and time to smash the buffet. Maybe there will be a PB today after all.

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Catching up between bites everyone was happy with the race and organisation, including the cat who was happy out with her day out!

Sportsworld Results

Apologies if anyone is missed – we can’t search BHAA results by club

Andrew Brett 35.51
Mark Hogan 37.10
Diarmuid O’Suilleabhain 37.13
Michael Cunningham 37.48
Wesley Harrison 38.26
Ciara Brady 39.39 PB!
Adrian Lanigan 42.10
Sean Donegan 42.56
Neil Purdy 43.10
Eoin O’Brien 46.36
Paul Cassidy 47.58
Ray Carpenter 48.02
Lucy Darcy 48.19
Val Power 48.55
Maria Finnegan 50.04
Conor kenny 50.29
Sandra Kelly 50.29
Bronwyn murphy White 51.45
Trevor Lloyd 52.31
Sean O’Byrne 55.45