Race report and photos by Joe Byrne

Did somebody say the cross country season was over? With some of us still attending therapy from our exploits in Clarinbridge 7 weeks ago it was time for the now annual Battle of Clontarf Easter Monday 10m race(incorporating the Leinster Championships)  in St Annes Park Raheny.

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A quick trawl through my hard drive showed I had also done the race report for this one last year. Tempted as I was to do a quick cut and paste job I decided this wouldn’t do justice to the rough weather conditions endured by all the runners who competed.

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Monday was forecast to be the wettest, most miserable day of the weekend, and boy did they get it right. 5 Female and 13 Male Sportsworld athletes (an overall increase of 3 from last year) made the trek to Raheny for the 10am start.

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Excellent performances from Sinead Tangey, Eileen Rowland and Karol Cronin yielded individual medals in their respective categories. Our overall strength in depth however resulted in 3 separate teams winning medals.

The course itself was a mix of tarmac footpaths, grass, mud and water all within the St Annes Park itself. A 2 mile loop was followed by 2 x 4 mile treks which included a real battle into the wind along the boundary parallel to the coast rd. As always Karol was to the fore in the mens race, finishing 3rd overall and claiming bronze. Not to be outdone Sinead was to claim 3rd overall place in the Ladies race. Eileen was to complete the triple crown of individual medals with a 2nd place finish in the o55 category.

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Never was a hot beverage more welcome by all after a race when we adjourned to the Red Stables. Race quickly re-ran it was back out to the cold and soaking wet finish line to claim our haul of medals, toasters and hair dryers in the presentation ceremony.

Well done to one and all who ran this race. You deserve all the plaudits you get!!!

Team Medals were as follows

Female o50 Bronze
Eileen Rowland, Audrai O Driscoll, Ellen Lavin.

Male Senior Silver
Karol Cronin, Phil Kilgannon, Karl Chatterton.

Male o50s Bronze
Noel Tobin, Joe Byrne, Anthony Gillen

Individual Placings

3rd  Sinead Tangey                      63.41
36th Deirdre O Connell             77.53
38th Eileen Rowland                  78.51
85th Audrai O Driscoll               88.35
86th Ellen Lavin                           88.40

3rd Karol Cronin                           55.37
15th Phil Kilgannon                    58.45
25th Karl Chatterton                  59.46
38th Martin Doyle                       61.45
42nd Sadanand Magee               62.29
51st Oliver Hedborg                   64.05
63rd Ronan Masterson              66.00
70th Noel Tobin                            66.55
76th Joe Byrne                               68.52
87th Padraig Looby                     69.41
103rd John Flaherty                   70.53
107th Anthony Gillen                71.39
111st Peter Knaggs                    71.58