This BHAA race was ran on a 1m loop on the back field pitches of ALSAA Sports & Social Club, Dublin Airport. With rain for the day, it meant cut up and challenging course. The ladies race was 2m, men’s race 4m; with a combined start.

At the sharp end of the men’s race, a gang of National standard runners came up from the South East (KK & TS) seeking a challenging race. The women’s race was won by UCD’s sports scholar Ellile Hartnett.

There was a fine Sportsworld contingent of runners (listed below), with organisation by BHAA chairman Paul O’Connell. E&OE. Well done to all.


Pos Name Time Age Cat. Company
1 Ellie Hartnett 00:11:37 SeniorW p00 Day Runner
2 Adrianna Melia 00:11:57 SeniorW p00 Day Runner
3 Anna Sadowska 00:12:32 SeniorW p00 Day Runner
37 Catherine Gilmore 00:15:28 45W p03 Day Runner


Pos Name Time Age Cat. Company
1 Kevin Maunsell 00:20:42 SeniorM p00 UCD
2 Thomas Hayes 00:20:43 SeniorM p00 Day Runner
3 Brian Maher 00:21:04 35M p01 Day Runner
36 Packie Enright 00:25:10 SeniorM p00 Day Runner
77 Brian Conway 00:27:31 35M p18 NUI Maynooth
94 Stephen Willoughby 00:28:27 50M p14 Zurich
109 Joe Haugh 00:30:28 35M p21 Day Runner
116 Enda McMorrow 00:31:29 55M p12 Irish Life
122 Conor Kenny 00:31:58 55M p14 Conor Kenny & Assoc
142 Patrick Killian McMorrow 00:39:27 55M p20 Law Library